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File: DisableMinimapTarget04-29-11
Doesn't work here, even after full...
Posted By: PilsnerDk
Doesn't work here, even after full restarts. I'm using Chinchilla too.
File: SlashHelp06-30-10
Busted in 3.3.5
Posted By: PilsnerDk
Not only does it not work in 3.3.5, but it also reduced by framerate by around 75%. Better not use it, but hope it gets updated.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames03-31-10
Posted By: PilsnerDk
Hi, just switched to SUF after being an Xperl user for years. I like SUF a lot, and particularly love that it's highly configurable :) I have a few suggestions/questions: 1) Could you make it possible to show more of the "Unit name"? Currently it cuts off at around 15 characters (with default font) and shows "..." at the end, e...
File: gfxToggle 209-22-09
Just wanted to report that installi...
Posted By: PilsnerDk
Just wanted to report that installing this mod broke my SorrenTimers mod. Very strange. SorrenTimers worked again as soon as I disabled gfxToggle.
File: NPCScan07-12-09
Am I mistaken, or does it not give...
Posted By: PilsnerDk
Am I mistaken, or does it not give an alert on old-world rares? I ran into Pyromancer Loregrain, a rare elite in BRD, and it did not sound an alert. Is it possible to have it trigger on ALL rares, or does it have to be by ID?
File: ESN_Rare05-31-09
Great mod. Two things: 1) You do...
Posted By: PilsnerDk
Great mod. Two things: 1) You don't have to delete your entire Cache folder, just the file "creaturecache.wdb". 2) An easy way of doing this automatically at every startup of WoW is to make a little batch script that deletes the file, then starts wow: del "C:\Games\World of Warcraft\Cache\WDB\enGB\creaturecache.wdb" start C:\...
File: Rare Spawn Overlay05-31-09
Hi, great mod. Could you make the s...
Posted By: PilsnerDk
Hi, great mod. Could you make the setting (on/off) stick when re-starting wow? Or tell me how to modify the code to set it to off upon player login? I'd prefer to only have it on when I want, not every time I start wow. Thanks :)