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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)11-18-10
First, thank you for awesome UF mod...
Posted By: Improstor
First, thank you for awesome UF mod that allows me pretty much everything I ever wished. Currently I miss just one option to make it perfect. Sorry of this has been mentioned already, but I couldn't find it in lacking features. Would be possible to add option to change border edge size ? There is already option to change insets...
File: oUF_Simple10-13-10
First off, thank you for this aweso...
Posted By: Improstor
First off, thank you for this awesome laylout. Due to my limited lua knowledge, it is very first time I could set up oUF to my needs. Anyway, as patch 4.0.1 is live, may I ask if you plan to update it to new oUF version/4.0.1 patch ? Currently I'm using just random UF to get over this new patch madness. Thank You!