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File: Cellular09-23-09
NAG...NAG...NAG...(for use of a better word)
Why is everyone complaining...man as soon as i got the addon history was turned off, no offence but history is an un-needed feature but i do have one problem even tho i turned it off it stills keeps a couple msgs from one of my friends and i cant clear them for some reason i don't really care its just there and yeah lol. nice addo...
File: AI-Minimap08-15-09
Originally posted by gwiz665 I like this one. It's a shame you can't move the map around, but other than that it looks great. For the completely lua-handicapped, if you want to put the map up in the regular right corner you have to change MinimapCluster:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", UIParent, 14, -7.5 ) -- Bottom -- MinimapCluster:S...