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File: QuestGuru12-18-13
Small and simple (I hope) request:...
Posted By: Kadafu
Small and simple (I hope) request: Would you please add an option to hide QG/QGT during pet battles?
File: Broker Factions03-13-11
Re: New maintaner
Posted By: Kadafu
Originally posted by Zhinjio Howdy folks, Just letting you know I've taken over maintenance of this addon with the previous author's permission. I'll be taking a look at the current outstanding issues, bugs and feature requests over the coming weeks. I hope to push a release shortly after that at least as a maintenance releas...
File: Ara Broker Reputations03-06-11
Automatic switching
Posted By: Kadafu
I love the look of this addon, but for whatever reason it refuses to switch the LDB displayed faction automatically based on faction gains. If I'm reading it correctly, if I gain Stormwind faction, it's supposed to change the faction displayed on the LDB bar to Stormwind. It just won't do it for me, I've searched through the op...
File: DockingStation (Display)12-09-09
Posted By: Kadafu
As of 3.3 my buffs don't move themselves down from underneath the top docking bars. I've done everything I can think of to move them... I believe it was a function of Docking Station but I am not sure.