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File: Shadowed Unit Frames02-15-10
health bar colors in SUF 3.1
Posted By: Spangles
I am using SUF 3.1. Thanks for a great mod. I have all the health bars in unit frames set to: color by class never color by reaction. Class colors show properly in the health bars for players. For NPCs, only the target of target and focus target frames show class colors in health bars. Pet target, target, and focus fr...
File: Aloft06-10-09
Re: Re: Aloft-2.7.8-934
Posted By: Spangles
... you want to disable/uncheck the "State Icon>Enable" option (i.e. disable state icons) ... I left the elite icon enabled, the state info is useful. I want to make the nameplate as compact as possible. A small "elite" icon to the left of the name on the healthbar as an alternative to the dragon, for example. Thanks for you...
File: Aloft06-03-09
Posted By: Spangles
I installed Aloft-2.7.8-934 and do not see an entry in the Interface/Addons tab to access the configuration panel. I do see the Aloft default nameplate on mobs. What is the /aloft command to access the panel? What is the configuration option to delete the elite icon from the nameplate? Thanks for a great addon.