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File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant12-22-10
Originally posted by WALLIEDIRT Y...
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Originally posted by WALLIEDIRT Yup I'm also getting that now. This appears to be some conflict between Archy and TukUI. When I disable TukUI the box goes away. The same goes for disabling Archy. Since Tuk hasn't updated in over 10 days, my theory is there is a conflict in the latest version or Archy :( Message: Interface\...
File: Paw Prints08-10-08
Not seeing any difference
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So far I have tested this by having my non-combat pet stuck at the UC elevator, hearthed to UC and zoned to Silvermoon. On all three occasions, my mini-diablo did not resummon.
File: TourGuide01-03-08
Guide Tweaks
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I was wondering where I should direct minor adjustments to the guide information that you have in TourGuide. I've been following it as closely as possible as a fresh BE mage, and I've come across a few things that need a few adjustments in the post-2.3 world. (The formerly elite spider in Stonetalon Mountains is no longer elite, e...
File: ag_UnitFrames10-29-06
Re: Ace2 conflict
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Originally posted by ILT Latest release does not work at all for me, just default BlizzUI shows - it also breaks other Ace2 (like FuBar2) mods completely. I guess new Ace2 libs are embdedded This also breaks for me using the latest SVN build. I posted a bug report on your GoogleCode page, but here is the information you wanted...
File: FuBar - Name ToggleFu04-14-06
Update to FuBar?
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Any plans to update this with the name change and/or any API changes? Love the mod, keep up the good work!