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File: rActionBar12-23-14
Is it not possible to have bar1 and...
Posted By: riph
Is it not possible to have bar1 and bar2 stacked on top of each other using 2x6 layout?
File: rChat01-28-14
Is there anyway to change the colou...
Posted By: riph
Is there anyway to change the colour of an OUTLINE on a font?
File: oUF Warlock Specs Bars01-27-14
Trying to use this module for oUF,...
Posted By: riph
Trying to use this module for oUF, however my last point for burning embers/soul shard always appears larger than the first 3. lib.gen_warlock_bars = function(f) local wb = CreateFrame("Frame", "WarlockSpecBars", f) wb:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", f.Health, "TOPLEFT", 0, 3) wb:SetWidth(f.width) wb:SetHeight(f.height/5)...
File: Faceroller01-11-10
Is there a way to return a custom i...
Posted By: riph
Is there a way to return a custom icon instead of a specific spell? For example in my enhancement shaman module I would like to show a custom icon for using Chain Lightning or Lightning Bolt instead of just showing the Lightning Bolt.
File: iMinimap01-04-10
Added the LFD minimap icon to the s...
Posted By: riph
Added the LFD minimap icon to the same place as the PvP icon using the following code, neither can appear at the same time. local ml = MiniMapLFGFrame ml:ClearAllPoints() ml:SetParent(Minimap) ml:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT", m, -28, -3) ml:SetScale(.8) MiniMapLFGFrameBorder:Hide() Uses the default icon, could probably do with a...
File: iMinimap01-03-10
Originally posted by Chiril Fixed...
Posted By: riph
Originally posted by Chiril Fixed this ;) This fix seems to limit to only 2 viewable tracked quests even when I'm tracking 10 or less. So I commented out the WatchFrame positioning to revert to the old way of overlapping.
File: iMinimap12-18-09
My objectives frame is overlapping...
Posted By: riph
My objectives frame is overlapping my iMinimap is it possible to stop this behaviour in anyway? Thanks in advance.
File: AzCastBar Plugins07-12-09
Posted By: riph
Would it be possible to be able to individually colour totem timer bar for fire, earth, air, water instead of using a single colour for all four elementsl. EDIT: Ok so I worked on this myself and came up with the follow solution for individual totem bar colours. Add the follow code to the extra options variable. { type = "Col...