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File: GuildTracker12-21-12
Just wondering if there is any way...
Posted By: Taurvanhiel
Just wondering if there is any way to have the add-on announce the officer note (instead of the public note) upon a character's departure? Our guild doesn't use public notes that much, but we use officer notes to track alts, etc. The addon is a life and timesaver, but this one additional feature would really put the icing on the c...
File: oUF_lumen07-06-12
neverg, any plans on coming back fo...
Posted By: Taurvanhiel
neverg, any plans on coming back for Mists? I love this layout and it would be a shame to have to replace it.
File: oUF_lumen12-04-10
New to oUF and still tinkering with...
Posted By: Taurvanhiel
New to oUF and still tinkering with my layout: 1. I want to move the info bar below the power bar - but it seems I would have to adjust the placement of the debuffs and buffs as well and I can't seem to find the location settings for them in the config file. 2. Any way to disable the focus cast bar? I usually keep the tank on f...
File: Ara Broker Money10-31-10
Any way that future versions could...
Posted By: Taurvanhiel
Any way that future versions could open the currency tab on the character panel by clicking on the module (or shift-click)? I'd love to have Ara_Broker_Money track points as well...but the ability to open the currency tab would be practically as informative and easier to code :) Keep up the good work, I love all your broker mod...
File: Broker uClock10-24-10
Looking to get rid of the Calendar...
Posted By: Taurvanhiel
Looking to get rid of the Calendar icon on the minimap and it looks like the code has changed enough since Jzar posted his workaround to get a notification of a pending invite that I can't seem to make out where that code should go. (lua n00b here). Would love to have a calendar invite indicator option built in. Baring that, can a...
File: mLootRoll1.009-11-10
Posted By: Taurvanhiel
I'd like to concur with those that would like to see the DE option without holding down the shift key. DE is almost the default action now when running the daily heroic.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends06-23-10
Posted By: Taurvanhiel
I like to run a very minimal set of mods (including most of your Broker modules). Thank you for the great addon. I'd love it if I had the ability to change my social state (Away, Busy, Etc) from the Friends module (or from a new module that would blend in nicely with this duo). Thanks again.
File: Fortress06-16-10
Conditional Color Coding?
Posted By: Taurvanhiel
I love Fortress and use it and Broker addons extensively in my UI. Thanks for the great work. I was wondering if there was a way to apply conditionals to the color coding of Broker text or labels (either through Fortress or through editing the lua code of the individual broker addons), so that one could use color cues to aid the p...
File: WintergraspLite01-06-10
Any easy way to make this scalable?...
Posted By: Taurvanhiel
Any easy way to make this scalable? It's a wonderful addon and looks great, but it ends up being a bit big compared to the rest of my UI. I'm not opposed to manually tinkering in the .lua to change the size, but I'd need to be pointed to what to edit. Thanks for the great work!
File: Ara Broker WeaponBuffer06-04-09
Countdown options?
Posted By: Taurvanhiel
I love this addon! It's freed up some action bar space and saved some time. That said, I personally find the countdown timer a distraction. Especially as my weapon buff countdowns already appear on another addon I use. Any possibility that you could add an option to not display the timer or give some additional options (like on...