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File: Dominos08-13-09
disabling totem bar tooltips?
Posted By: DruncnDog
Disabling the 'Show Tooltips'-option doesn't hide the tooltips from the "Call of the XYZ"-spells and 'Totemic Recall' in the totem bars. i don't know if this is intended, but it's kinda annoying if you are seeing something popup over the bars when you are used to not seeing anything (...weird sentences...) great addon anyway :)
File: X-Perl UnitFrames06-05-09
there are two rather small issues t...
Posted By: DruncnDog
there are two rather small issues that are bothering me (one for quite a while though) #1: every time i log on my druid, the player frame creeps a bit off its previous (saved) position. i know, it might sound familiar and i already stumbled over the appropriate ticket on wowace, but it still occurs (3.0.3c). although '/console rel...