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File: ProcNotes12-31-09
Originally posted by Valaelea Aft...
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Originally posted by Valaelea After 3.3 you MUST have Blizzard's Floating combat text enabled for ProcNotes to function. You don't need any of the options enabled, just the feature itself. How does ProcNotes get the buff info? I know for a lot of addons there is trouble because they rely on the combat log and not everything is...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)08-07-09
......... /blink
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the pictures don't do this justice. really stunning job zork.
File: LUI v307-21-09
i only have one real complaint abou...
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i only have one real complaint about this awesome ui ... why would you make actionbars only 11 wide? /cry i have to either change up my whole keybindings i'm used too, or go through the hassle of editing and resizing bars, kg, etc.
File: lolTip07-04-09
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give it! now! give update now, i test.:banana:
File: Jasje_UI [1680x1050] Final.06-21-09
works for me
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so this new update includes the reflux and whatnot and now it works for me without any problems. /enthusiasm :D
File: Jasje_UI [1680x1050] Final.06-20-09
how are we supposed to switch reflu...
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how are we supposed to switch reflux profile if you don't include reflux in the compilation?
File: NPCScan06-17-09
what is the range for it finding a...
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what is the range for it finding a thing? like if it pops up and says 'hey i found this' does that mean its like in targetting range?