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auto guild bank scanning
Posted By: level9
It would be cool if you could re-enable the guild auto-scanning feature. It appears you simply have to wait until the client has received all of the data. Something like the following should work in your event handler (tested in my own addon. The Guild* vars used here are local to the containing script of course): if (event ==...
File: QuestHelper06-09-09
Re: Re: Easy QH performance fix +50-100% gain
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Originally posted by ZorbaTHut While I can believe there's some performance increase, I find this claim extremely dubious - Questhelper uses a static amount of CPU no matter how efficiently that CPU is used. Unless you simply broke the timeslice system, the framerate won't change at all, whether you get a 50% performance drop or a...
File: QuestHelper06-08-09
Easy QH performance fix +50-100% gain
Posted By: level9
Would it be possible to apply these simple changes to QuestHelper for HUGE performance gains, especially in the routing code? The simple fact of the matter is LUA has a BIG performance hit when accessing non-local table variables (-5 to -10% loss for every level of indirection and this INCLUDES the GLOBAL space, which is actually a t...