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File: Cowsay09-01-09
Re: Seriously?
Posted By: Neffi
Originally posted by lanacan Another addon to spam unwanted crap in chat channels WHOOT! It doesn't send anything to the chat. It prints it into the chat frame only.
File: Clique08-27-09
The example for registering click-c...
Posted By: Neffi
The example for registering click-cast frames with Clique is incorrect: CliqueCastFrames = ClickCastFrames or {} CliqueCastFrames = true Should be ClickCastFrames, of course.
File: SBF 3.2 Beta08-05-09
SBF appears to be polluting the glo...
Posted By: Neffi
SBF appears to be polluting the global environment, I assume mistakenly. I was using a global 'f' to test something, and I noticed it got overwritten by the frame SBFFrame4. You might want to look and make sure you've actually declared locals as locals.