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File: Bartender408-11-09
Spell casting bug
Posted By: -Vladimir-
I'm getting a bug since 3.2 where sometimes I can't cast a spell, it's only some spells and probably only happens a couple of times a raid. I'm hoping its something simple either with bartender or button facade but I'm not sure and it's hard to test because it's difficult to consistently repeat. Has anyone else experienced this?
File: MikScrollingBattleText08-01-09
I have two questions, can the comba...
Posted By: -Vladimir-
I have two questions, can the combat text be set to show above mobs/players just like the blizzard combat text works? Also I want to change the way spells combine damage like aoe and cleaves so I can see it seperately. Can MSBT do this?
File: Shadowed Unit Frames06-27-09
Experience bar
Posted By: -Vladimir-
is there a way to get experience numbers onto the experience bar attached to the player unit frame?
File: Shadowed Unit Frames06-24-09
Just wanted to say awesome addon, s...
Posted By: -Vladimir-
Just wanted to say awesome addon, so much easier to use than Pitbull etc.
File: WoW Crap Cleaner06-16-09
@Vladimir: Can you show me the path...
Posted By: -Vladimir-
@Vladimir: Can you show me the path to the AddOn folder and WTF folder you have chosen? E:\Games\WoW\Interface\AddOns E:\Games\WoW\WTF\Account E:\Games\WoW\Backup
File: WoW Crap Cleaner06-15-09
This doesn't work for me, the backu...
Posted By: -Vladimir-
This doesn't work for me, the backup works fine but when I press search no addons show up under any of the tabs. Vista sp2