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File: ShinyBuffs09-13-11
Great mod! Far too few buff mods ex...
Posted By: Luceo
Great mod! Far too few buff mods exist that simply beautify the standard Blizzard buffs. A couple of feature requests: The temporary weapon enchants run together with the standard buffs and overlap, so could they be separated? An option to disable the time remaining bar would be nice, since I think it redundant when the timer is d...
File: pMinimap (Cataclysm)10-22-10
Originally posted by p3lim No, I...
Posted By: Luceo
Originally posted by p3lim No, I just removed it as there are plenty other addons that can do it, and do it alot better. Any chance of getting them back? I used the coordinates on pMinimap so I wouldn't have to use a separate mod, since it seems like the sort of thing a map should provide. Your implementation was fine. :)
File: Shadowed Unit Frames10-12-10
Oh man Shadowed, you can't just wri...
Posted By: Luceo
Oh man Shadowed, you can't just write the best unitframe mod the game's ever seen and bail! :( Seriously, man, thanks for everything. SUF was the first unitframe mod I've ever been truly content with.
File: tomQuest207-21-10
Still getting the scrollbar appeari...
Posted By: Luceo
Still getting the scrollbar appearing when there's no apparent reason for it.
File: tomQuest204-16-10
Posted By: Luceo
The scrollbar in the tracker is still randomly appearing in the latest version, seems to be on zone/quest track change.
File: tomQuest203-27-10
The "show usable quest items not li...
Posted By: Luceo
The "show usable quest items not linked to a quest" checkbox doesn't seem to work, and in a lot of cases, bugs out the whole tracker causing a short scrollbar to appear. This is on the new version. Also, I can't get the scrollbar to stop appearing even though I don't want it there, regardless of the max height before scrolling set...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames10-29-09
Love these unitframes, thanks a ton...
Posted By: Luceo
Love these unitframes, thanks a ton! One request - is it possible to have casting trigger the combat fader? I'd like to be able to see my castbar when I'm out of combat.
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)06-16-09
totalpackage, I love these unit fra...
Posted By: Luceo
totalpackage, I love these unit frames, and have been using them for a while. Thanks for adding the fading based on combat/target/notarget/etc, which allowed me to finally get rid of my HUD mod and just use Stuf for that, since I didn't want to see it after combat. I do have one request to that end. Is it possible to have an o...