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File: Combuctor_Tokens09-19-12
Nice work would love to have your s...
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Nice work would love to have your set up for combuctor skin
File: caelUI05-05-11
Fresh Install
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Jankly, I just did a fresh install of WoW. I have not installed any add's yet. Want to start off with a CaelUI and grow from there. Which files do I need to DL to be up and running. Thanks, Yoso
File: Combuctor: Equipment Sets11-08-10
TY very much been looking for a com...
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TY very much been looking for a combuctor skin for awhile now love combuctor hate the look :D:D
File: Combuctor: Equipment Sets11-08-10
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:confused:Seerah how can I make combuctor look like it does in your screenshot? (The skin that is):banana:
File: caelUI10-23-10
The UI is getting very close to bei...
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The UI is getting very close to being 4.x ready so just hang tight for a little while long and you'll be a happy camper. :DThanks for the update and all the hard work that is going into this. I have been using an alternate UI since the patch but since finding this one all others just make me ill. Thank you all!:banana:
File: caelUI08-16-10
Wintersgrasp Timer
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Would it be possible to pull the data of who controls wintersgrasp and turn the timer blue or red accordingly?
File: caelUI07-19-10
Re: Re: Secured Function
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Originally posted by Caellian Unable to reproduce, not getting any error. sorry forgot to tell you it only occurs during combat
File: caelUI07-18-10
Originally posted by Mambaru Stil...
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Originally posted by Mambaru Still love this UI layout. But does anyone know how to add a Stance bar / Aura bar within the current framework? I've had a brief look into caelActionBars but can only find references to pet bars and shape shift bars. Will keep digging and experimenting. shapeshift bar is same bar as stance aur...
File: caelUI07-16-10
Secured Function
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@Yselaar Settings for screen sizes and what not can be edited via caelCore\modules\cvarData.lua or you can optionally disable them by changing the file extension to caelData.bak or commenting the load up out of caleCore.xml @everyone else When clicking the coin data feed to pull up currency window it calls a bug ID: 1 Error...
File: caelUI06-29-10
@ Abandoned The right click set...
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@ Abandoned The right click set as focus will not work if I understand correctly as it is set to a protected function in Blizz ui with all of the OUF layouts I have used it doesnt function I may be mistaken but I believe this to be accurate.
File: caelUI06-28-10
Razor Naga
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@ Abandoned In my experience the Razer Naga addon does not play well with others and eats alot of memory. My unsolicited advice would be to drop it and use Bindpad instead as it gets along much better with other addons. :cool: @ Anyone having chat issues in branch 3.3.5 I ran into one character that also had similar issues r...
File: caelUI06-24-10
Works well on my system thanks for...
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Works well on my system thanks for the update. Have seen no relevant changes or new errors that have come from 3.3.5 on my layout. @ Rifleraven. Alot of blizz settings got returned to default check the in game configs to be sure your action bars are enabled hope this helps :cool: @cocotimbo. Max FPS should probably be set no hi...
File: caelUI06-12-10
keyBinding.lua What does this file...
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keyBinding.lua What does this file actually do in the past I have always renamed it as I wasnt sure what you did with it but now curiosity has gotten the better of me it seems to have no effect that I can see when on or off so whats the scoop? Originally posted by cocotimbo You mean I should go back to the old version? I can't f...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)06-09-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: suggestions
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Originally posted by zork Enable god mode for Zork? TY sir excellent work on an excellent UI You are a gentleman and a scholar Yoso
File: caelUI06-04-10
Originally posted by Mohfuu is it...
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Originally posted by Mohfuu is it possible to move and change the opacity/color of the recThreatMeter Position is at or around line 274 Not sure about opacity as for colors there are a couple different sections to change colors depending on which colors you wish to change. Line 294 f.bars:SetStatusBarColor(1, 1, 1, 0.8)...
File: caelUI06-01-10
Could you have overlooked cvarData...
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Could you have overlooked cvarData line 137ish guildMemberNotify? Originally posted by Cryoblayde I recently reinstalled all my addons, including this ui, and for some reason I can't unfilter "xxx has come online" or "xxx has gone offline". I commented out those lines in chatfliters.lua (name not exact, off the top of my head). Is...
File: caelUI05-21-10
Re: UI Scale
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Originally posted by Beastmachine to start my Resolution is at 1920x1080~~ Can any 1 tell me what i need to type into the LUA to enable my UI Scale.. and make it so its set at the halfway scale everything down a bit? Please and thanks!! in caelCore\modules\cvarData.lua around line 60ish Local scales secti...
File: caelUI05-17-10
Re: How do i bind my keys?
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Originally posted by Beastmachine How do I bind my actionbars like I could with bartender.. -.- not too skilled in the LUA area.:confused: Shouldn't need to edit lua for this just set your keybindings in the blizz default binding menu.
File: caelUI04-25-10
Originally posted by Cryoblayde I...
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Originally posted by Cryoblayde If you wouldn't mind/have the time, if you could point me in the right direction for: a) Where is the Quest/Objective tracker that appears on the top right side of the screen at? I can't find it O.o (Just which addon is probably enough). b) Easiest way to add a GCD timer to the buttons via caelCool...
File: caelUI04-24-10
For 1280x800 support Add to the lo...
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For 1280x800 support Add to the locale scales = { = 0.84}, having an issue I don't see mentioned is it just me or is the tracking of FM Repair Reagents Mailbox etc... missing or is it intended and I have checked the Tracking modules and can't seem to find a reference to its removal. The only thing I am able to track are...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)08-25-09
PVP Flag
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Zork great UI have been using it for quite some time now. Is there a way to add a PVP flag to targets and mouse overs? And would it be possible to make my health orb change to RED if Im PVP flagged? Thanks for all the great work