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File: Reflux01-05-11
No Emulations found/Some Add'd SVnames not emulating.
Posted By: Deathmastuda
Also when after a profile has been saved if i do /reflux show...It does a really really long list of on/offs.. The concept of Reflux is ingenious...Especially for us wowui addicts who just cant possibly use the default ui.. 2 main addons im trying to emulate are Carbonite, And Kong ui hider.. Another thing..While looking i...
File: MoveAnything08-09-09
Custom Frames
Posted By: Deathmastuda
How do i set a Custom Window for customizing? For instance i use addon control panel, and would like to modify it a bit. thx
File: Graphic UI Textures 107-20-09
What i can do
Posted By: Deathmastuda
Well u said show me what u can do. http://i677.photobucket.com/albums/vv133/Deathmastuda/WoWScrnShot_071409_230547.jpg
File: nUI : Config [LDB]07-09-09
Blank art work
Posted By: Deathmastuda
Hey guy, I like the Nui but theres things i would change and im trying to find,so to speak, a blank artwork ui, I want just the background of a UI so i may put everything where i would like it. I tryed useing .....Damn i cant remeber what its called but everyone uses it for making the background artwork for custom ui's but im not tha...