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File: oUF_DaMT10-04-09
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Originally posted by Lyressa Could you tell me how to remove the targetoftarget window please. I only want the Mt and MT target window visible. Thx In the oUF_DaMT.xml file delete the targettarget template button should do it
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Extra features
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I posted an idea in the request section. What would be nice is a dropdow menu to choose overhead floorplans of all boss area. Then call it up to draw positions and raid movement diagrams. I am gonna give this a shot... sounds interesting.
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Re: Re: Re: header frames
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Originally posted by Derkyle Yep this is how I would do it. You need the make the first MT the priority then attach the rest of the frames as parents to the first MT frame. That way when you move any of the child MT windows the parent and the rest will drag with it. If you still have issues or you can't get it to work either w...
File: oUF_MoveableFrames08-18-09
header frames
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nice addon, great concept i been trialing it with my Main tank list, but im finding it makes each individual tank movable. These are created through the spawn header function. Any suggestions?
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Originally posted by Purity Hello thank you for a very useful addon! I love the lock/unlock feature as well. I have a question. How difficult would it be to make a similar layout/plugin for partytargets and or partytargetstargets? So many ouf layouts don't spawn the partytargets but I find them very useful. I was thinkin...
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Originally posted by Bruners _MACOSX folders should not be packed with the AddOn files, please Yup, completely forgot. Fixd now.
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Originally posted by jadakren Since I notice there is a "+" icon in your screenshot I will assume this is to allow me to move the frames around? Could you explain how I would toggle this on / off ? Is there a slash chat command or a minimap icon to facilitate this ? at this stage... in the configs section of oUF_DaMT.lua...