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File: Caith UI02-17-11
Some problems
Posted By: K0uds
Hello, I have some problems with v19 : - when I change tab on the chat, there is no black panel on the background (for exemple on the log tab). - I can't scale the ui to my screen correctly, I use a 1920*1200 resolution and I have adding SET uiScale "0.78" and SET useUiScale "1" in the config.wtf file. PS : sorry for my b...
File: Caith UI02-16-11
Caith do you think v19 will be avai...
Posted By: K0uds
Caith do you think v19 will be available today ? Thanks
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)02-15-11
Posted By: K0uds
Hello, How can I disable Autobuttons ? Thanks
File: Caith UI10-19-10
Re: Stuns on target
Posted By: K0uds
Originally posted by Emeraldon Hi there! Downloaded your UI the other day and I love it, but there's a thing bugging me; http://yfrog.com/e4stunsj the red-ringed icon with timer for stuns. What addon is that exactly? I think it's LoseControl. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info11642-LoseControl.html I have...