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Originally posted by neverg Yes,...
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Originally posted by neverg Yes, you can hide specific frames in the cfg.lua file. Can you tell me pls how? I am totally noobish in configuration .lua files. can you post it code how to do it or sth. like that? thanks.
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Hello i want to ask about 1 thing....
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Hello i want to ask about 1 thing. Is somehow possible how to hide player and target bar and show only Party, raid, target of Target and combo point's and buffs or debuffs above the player and target bar? I like Ouf Lumen but i want only that thinks what i wrote. Thanks for the answer
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hello man i really like your Improv...
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hello man i really like your Improved Combat text and i want to ask when i want only your combat text from your UI what have i to do for it? Thx for answer ;)
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Help with Satrina Buff Frames
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Hello i have 1 question. Can you tell me how can i have more buff's like Evasion, Adrenaline Rush, Sprint, Slice and dice etc. in 1 time visible (like you have it on a video at youtube) and not like i have it on my screenshot http://img294.imageshack.us/i/wowscrnshot062010214225.jpg/??? and Thank you for answer... BTW i really like...