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File: Skillet09-22-07
Originally posted by nogudnik I s...
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Originally posted by nogudnik I should have taken out the references to "alt inventory" in the UI, sorry. That's not working yet as I still have to write the code to track the alts or hook into an already installed alt that does that. I'll remove any mention of the feature until I get it working to avoid confusion. No worrie...
File: Skillet09-22-07
Glad to see an alternative to ATSW,...
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Glad to see an alternative to ATSW, have noticed the bugs others have posted.. Question: is "alt inventory" tracking enabled currently? I cannot seem to get the alt tracking to work atm?
File: Fishing Ace!09-08-07
Not sure why this is still being distributed
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As it stands right now today 9.9.07 this mod does.. 1 thing it replaces the normal bobber sound with "i saw a fish".. It doesnt auto cast, it wont autolure, what exactly is the point of this mod? at least with fishing buddy you are tracking useful information etc.. here you are just wasting peoples time/memory space/etc. People ma...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames06-20-07
: XPerl_GrimReaper\XPerl_GrimReaper...
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: XPerl_GrimReaper\XPerl_GrimReaper.lua:717: missing ':1> when trying to use /grim scale with any number after it.
File: Saeris's LootLink02-16-07
Still getting errors with 828
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Errors still exist now they are in constants.lua and parsing.lua. IE something is going wrong when "new" items are added to the database full error message is below 828\LootLink_Constants.lua:525: bad argument #1 to 'stringgsub' (string expected, got nil) : LootLink-828\LootLink_Parsing.lua:65: attempt to index local 'suff...
File: Outfitter01-18-07
This is not the newest stable version..
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this mod is based at ui.worldofwar.net and its author barely updates it at that site.. 1.46 is not even close to a stable/working build.. the latest "release" is 1.5series and 2.0alpha/beta are out now.. (none are terribly stable/workable but they are a bit better than this ancient version which has never even worked on PTR witho...
File: vBagnon PT01-08-07
Periodic table is a huge collection...
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Periodic table is a huge collection of information (categorized) about items, etc.. in a simple easily accessible format for mods.. (hence why its a lib) But its also used by for example.. Mendelev to link items to their common drop locations etc.
File: Totemus01-08-07
Is this meant to work on retail? or BC /PTR only?
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Getting several errors on load from babble (blessing of naruu doesnt exist), spherebuttons, attempt to index field sphere (nil) and totemusoptions (translation show tooltips does not exist)
File: Mendeleev08-01-06
Another abandoned mod?
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it is now 8/1/06.. the last time this mod has been touched was 5/13.. which has a huge assortment of showstopper bugs in the tooltip generation/creation/modification (mostly patch 1.11 related) Authors who abandon their mods should remove them from distribution!
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames06-23-06
Assigning new 1.11 target icons
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While this works fine with MOBS and you can rightclick assign targets no problem using perl classic.. it will not allow assignment of the new icons to players (raid or not) via this method.. Is this a bug? glitch? or do i Have another mod conflicting with dropdown menu somehow?
File: FuBar 3.6.503-29-06
Nill error is because you need to n...
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Nill error is because you need to nuke all your BP related saved variables .. Bosspanel was supposedly released as .9 stable with no changes incoming.. its now on 9.4. Dude you need to slow the hell down, check your code, test on the retail realms and then and ONLY then come back here and post a new revision 4 versions in a...