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File: oUF_Jir03-27-11
Party frame error
Posted By: Trollinou
When activating PArty frame, I've got the following error : Message: Interface\AddOns\oUF_Jir\jir.lua:1176: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'partyOffsetY' (a nil value) Time: Sun Mar 27 12:40:37 2011 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\oUF_Jir\jir.lua:1176: in function Locals: event...
File: oUF_lumen09-09-10
Please could you modify your Whitel...
Posted By: Trollinou
Please could you modify your Whitelist in cfg.lua to permit buff and debuff to work with other language. I will win a lot of time with each of your release to not patch this list each time :) Thanks. Here's the code (modifiy from of_lumen 1.32) : cfg.Whitelist = { DEATHKNIGHT = { -- Buffs = true, -- Bone Sh...
File: oUF_lumen08-09-10
Originally posted by neverg Most...
Posted By: Trollinou
Originally posted by neverg Most probably it's that. I'll try to check if that fixes if it does I'll change the code. :) EDIT - You'll have to tell me if that works, my pre-paid time ended today and since I'm on vacations I won't resubscribe till the end of the month. Will still update the code where needed. :) That don't wo...
File: oUF_lumen08-06-10
Originally posted by neverg Click...
Posted By: Trollinou
Originally posted by neverg Clicking the Portrait to select the target I don't know how to do that yet. Ok, I think that I've found why it doesnt select the unit when I click on the portrait. The Portrait is in the InfoBar, and for the InfoBar you call your SetBackDrop function which set SetFrameStrata("BACKGROUND") to the...
File: oUF_lumen07-31-10
Hi, I'm currently trying you fra...
Posted By: Trollinou
Hi, I'm currently trying you frames which look greats, and I try to make them feet my needs. I would like to know how I can select myself when clicking on portrait and not on HP bar ? When I set the height to a greater value, the focus, focus target, tot frame are inside the infobar (portrait) and not ebove. What can I do to...
File: oUF_Noob03-05-10
Question about your UI
Posted By: Trollinou
Some questions not related to your addon but from your UI screenshot : You seems to use an addon like floAspectBar but for paladin (which show aura, seal, judgement, ...) but couldn't find it, could you give me ne anme ? And same question for you bottom art with minimaps and action bar is it part of an UI ? thanks
File: cargBags02-15-10
Originally posted by Vaad First,...
Posted By: Trollinou
Originally posted by Vaad First, i'd like to say i've been using cargbags and nivaya's layout for some time and they're really great :banana: But i've been having the disconnect problem lately, so i've done a little investigating. A few things i discovered about this problem: - when wow gets stuck during login, you just have...
File: ShadowedUF Aura Indicators01-07-10
Weakened Soul' debuff
Posted By: Trollinou
I didn't find how to show the 'Weakened Soul' debuff. As a Disc Priest, I like to know when this debuff are up. Could you help me ? Thanks
File: QuestHelper08-11-09
Sharing quest seem strange ?!?
Posted By: Trollinou
My wife and I are leveling our char together. We have the same version of Questhelper, we have turn group quest sharing on. We have exactly the same quest to do, but when we are on the same point quelthelper doesnít direct us in the same direction for the same quest!! Itís very strange and disappointed. :confused: When we turn the...
File: Combuctor01-21-08
All seem working well except that I...
Posted By: Trollinou
All seem working well except that I don't find how to see bank of my Alt. I can see their Inventory but not their Bank. Using version frFR of Wow 2.3.2
File: SmartDebuff02-08-07
Originally posted by Aeldra @Trol...
Posted By: Trollinou
Originally posted by Aeldra @Trollinou Yes, this is a standard soundfile that can be found in the mpq files. Ok thanks. I don't know why I don't have any sound on my Mac or on the PC of my wife with the french version. If you have an idea ? Regards.
File: SmartDebuff02-05-07
I just see that there is a "Sound"...
Posted By: Trollinou
I just see that there is a "Sound" checkbox, but with the french version of WoW, no sound are play when there is a debuff. I look at the code, and see : SMARTDEBUFF_CONST_SOUND = "Sound\\Doodad\\BellTollTribal.wav"; Is this a standart sound file which come with the game ? Thanks
File: SmartDebuff01-31-07
Hi, Just a Features request : I...
Posted By: Trollinou
Hi, Just a Features request : Is it possible to have a little sound when some debuffing need to be remove. Not one for each debuff, but for example a check to see if one exists each 5 sec and do the sound. Thanks for your great addon.