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File: RobBossMods04-28-11
error in rbm_version = 0.35 3x S...
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error in rbm_version = 0.35 3x SendChatMessage(): Invalid escape code in chat message RobBossMods\RobBossMods.lua:457: in function RobBossMods\RobBossMods.lua:941: in function Locals: (*temporary) = "Blow]|h|r on the tank. Remove th...
File: Mendeleev12-11-10
so is this addon now dead?
Posted By: Tsurani
so is this addon now dead?
File: TinyTip10-17-08
not sure if this is abandoned or no...
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not sure if this is abandoned or not but you can find TipTac (almost the exact same thing) here: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info7593-TipTac.html
File: Fishing Buddy07-16-08
Originally posted by Rellikcro Co...
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Originally posted by Rellikcro Correction, the Author just updated FB on this site last night/this morning to the current version. I do not like using curse.com and was debating on whether to continue to use this addon or just get rid of it if the Author stopped updating it on wowinterface.com but fortunately I no longer have...
File: HitsMode05-05-08
hey Allara, keep on rockin :bana...
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hey Allara, keep on rockin :banana: I'll be back in about a year to help more if i can. btw check your PM's
File: HitsMode03-30-08
cool thanks allara. i also have an...
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cool thanks allara. i also have another 2 year deployment coming up in the VERY near future so it would be impossible for me to continue the update. @Neadayan, you can configure it to have multiple colors in the combat log, see my description on hitsmode (above) to find out how to do it. BTW i deleted the Everything filter...
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window03-27-08
Re: This
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Originally posted by CrushBug This "new" version is binarily the same as the old one. I just did the compare and the TOC is old, too. ## Interface: 20300 who updated this? i concur this is the same version as the last one the toc is still the same. it should be 20400. *but don't edit this yourself*
File: HitsMode03-22-08
Re: Configure?
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Sorry for the delay the Army has me running around a lot lately and no time for personal stuff. :( here are some tips: 1. make sure you installed it correctly. 2. make sure it is check marked in the add-on screen or the character selection page. 3. type /hm to bring up the configuration page. HM should be loaded and you w...
File: HitsMode01-11-08
lol ya i removed that version the v...
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lol ya i removed that version the version 2.8.1 is or should be correct lol as for the request i'll look into it and see what i can do Originally posted by British Don't hate me if I'm not going to get that version again ;) Back to the addon itself, would it be possible to have a toggle to have "throttle", like for wh...
File: HitsMode01-10-08
thanks for the heads up. i uploaded...
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thanks for the heads up. i uploaded a new zip without the extra directory :o
File: HitsMode01-08-08
Version 2.8
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Ask and You Shall receive :D
File: EavesDrop01-05-08
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does this mod tell you what you dispelled off your target when you purge or dispell?
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window12-29-07
i found the version 6.9 at curse....
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i found the version 6.9 at curse. although i am not sure if it is legit or not http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/2389/
File: CT_MailMod12-26-07
my errors as of 12/24/07
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Seeing how the CT forums are down please post bugs here: http://www.wowinterface.com/portal.php?id=11&a=listbugs
File: AlarBGHelper10-27-07
Thanks alar, but it's spelled TsuR...
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Thanks alar, but it's spelled TsuRaNi lol, glad we could figure out what the issues were and i am sure that others in the ace/rock community are also glad ya got it fixed.
File: AlarBGHelper10-18-07
just downloaded the new version 2.8...
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just downloaded the new version 2.8 from here and the .toc says it is Version: 2.7. Revision: 52289 and the change log says Version: 2.7 Revision: 52412 lol BTW i am not putting you down or anything negative. i love the idea of this mod and i am just trying to help ya :D which Version was the last NON Ac...
File: LightHeaded10-11-07
just stumbled upon this and once ag...
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just stumbled upon this and once again you bring us an amazing mod /bow
File: Cartographer12-26-06
is there a way to import my Gathere...
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is there a way to import my Gatherer addon nodes into this mod? like all the ones i already found? i been playing for over 2 years and it would be horrible if i have to loose all my nodes
File: WhisperCast12-19-06
updated version?
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someone said in the wow forums that whispercast is working for the new patch but i can't find an updated version. anyone got a link to a working version?
File: FuBar -- FishingBuddyFu11-21-06
this is the error i get trying to diable or move it
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i get this error when i try to disable it in fuBar : Dewdrop\Dewdrop-2.0.lua:479: AceDB-2.0: Cannot call "ToggleActive" before "RegisterDB" has been called and before "ADDON_LOADED" has been fired. : in function `error' AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:117: in function `error' AceDB\AceDB-2.0.lua:1102: in function `func'...
File: Adapt - Almost-Default Animated Portraits04-03-06
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