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File: Aloft11-12-09
Possible new feature?
Posted By: Renarius
Ok, first off I would like to thank you again for the work on this add-on. It is now one for the add-ons I have to have when raiding. Which brings me to a suggestion for a new feature that could be extremely useful for 10/25man raiders (especially tanks!) I use the glow for aggro and is like I said became indispensable for a q...
File: Aloft06-27-09
Hey Acapela, Thanks for the follow...
Posted By: Renarius
Hey Acapela, Thanks for the follow up! I did wipe the variable file and reconfigure all my preferences and it works fine. Now the threat glow works again. Thanks again! -- Renarius
File: Aloft06-25-09
First off great addon ... Love it f...
Posted By: Renarius
First off great addon ... Love it for tanking large mob. Now issues it was working great until the last update. Now the threat glow doesn't change anymore and alway shows no threat. Also I've seen randomly the health bar coming in front of the mob name. As you kill the mob the name start appearing so it's just a question of la...