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File: Supervillain UI (Classic)06-12-10
/peers at UI /skims information la...
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/peers at UI /skims information lazily /notices comic bubbles in pictures /clicks on picture /....FALLS IN LOVE. /Replaces all UIs <3
File: Total RP (English version)05-30-10
Originally posted by Lyrie The po...
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Originally posted by Lyrie The portrait button works for me, and I use Pitbull 3. :) I actually do have a question regarding the portrait icon, though. Is there any way to move it? I have moved my unit frames down to the bottom of my screen, and when I target someone, their button is just floating up at the top of my screen....
File: Art (Sneak Peak)02-05-10
Seeing this gives me hope for more...
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Seeing this gives me hope for more UI revamps that remind us of the good ol' days of Warcraft III. It also makes me squee and grin broadly. All good things. Please, please, please keep up the amazing work and give us all something pretty to stare at!