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File: Duffed UI V603-14-12
Hey Liquid, i used to use the UI w...
Posted By: risto
Hey Liquid, i used to use the UI with several characters withour any problems. I set up key bindings for some bars and it all worked well. But when i logon to my warrior, the keybinding are somehow odd. Is it a problem with tukui, or did i screw things up? The A and...
File: Duffed UI V601-04-12
Hallo Liquid, hast du eine Idee wi...
Posted By: risto
Hallo Liquid, hast du eine Idee wieso ich seit v6 nicht mehr die Tukui Pixel Font mit Grid2 verwenden kann, die taucht da einfach nicht mehr auf :(
File: Duffed UI V610-26-11
Hey liquidbase, thats for this nic...
Posted By: risto
Hey liquidbase, thats for this nice addon. the buildin option to skin addons like skada, omen, etc. is very usefull. but with skada i get this look: The style with shadow behind the letters is intended, but i like it for skada & omen more without the shadow. where can i change the font t...
File: oUF Ammo06-26-09
changing Fontsize + Fontfamily
Posted By: risto
Hey there, first of all: thank you for sharing your effords, this is a great layout! Well, I don't know anything about lua but I somehow managed to move the unitframes and stuff. But how do I change the fontfamily & size? Thanks in advance :banana: