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File: LightHeaded06-21-07
Ok love this mod, I use it with Dou...
Posted By: Soulbreaker
Ok love this mod, I use it with Double Wide and Tom Tom. Seriously 5 thumbs up, /applause. Now here is my question, could you code a similar thing that links to wowheads boss encounter tips? So if you're facing a dungeon/world boss for the first time you can open the interface, look up the name of the boss and read up on what...
File: RDX Reborn06-01-07
Posted By: Soulbreaker
just got this mod, it looks good. Played with it for 20 minutes then a shutdown of server, good on you blizz anyway can you assign macros to the click casting module? EG, I have a mod for casting buffs, it selects buffs according to player class. Can I set it so shift left click on the unit frame uses the macro to use the buffin...
File: Necrosis LdC05-20-07
--Seduction Broke--
Posted By: Soulbreaker
Back in the day, before Blizzard broke Servitude I used to get a creepy sounding --"Seduction Broke"-- on Seduction breaking. Would you be able to implement somthing like that into Necrosis? Surely the code for doing that can't be much harder than that used for the "Laugh" when an unfearable mob is targetted? Anyway great mod...
File: HealBot Continued02-15-07
Self and other buffs
Posted By: Soulbreaker
When I have BoW set for me and BoM (or any other buff) set for other paladins the buff monitor is always greyed out for me. Whenever I click the frame it alternates between the two buffs in an endless loop. Can you please make a distinction between the buff I set for my "self" and the buff I set for other players of the same class?...
File: Totemus01-13-07
Weapon buffs for dual weilding
Posted By: Soulbreaker
Could you add an option to add a second buff button for the off hand weapon. That would make changing buffs on the fly really easy. Or perhaps left click = main hand middle click = off hand. Otherwise a nice mod.
File: ag_UnitFrames01-08-07
no raid frames?
Posted By: Soulbreaker
When I enter a raid (instance/BG) I only get my unit frame and my pet unit frame and no others. How do you enable the raid frames?
File: ag_UnitFrames01-06-07
Party Frames/ Raid Frames ect
Posted By: Soulbreaker
I tried /ag config but that doesn't work, there seems to be no options on the right click dropdown menu for adding party/raid frames so how do I do it?
File: WeaponRebuff 3.401-04-07
No buff/rebuff icons
Posted By: Soulbreaker
I've installed the addon and it gives me warnings when the buff on my Shamans main/off hand is about to expire but there is no icon to click to rebuff. how do you make the icons appear and shouldn't it be active "right out of the box"?
File: FuBar 3.6.509-10-06
Why is it that every update of FuBa...
Posted By: Soulbreaker
Why is it that every update of FuBar breaks all the plugins for it? Can't you organize some sort of backwards compatability? For example when I updated to FuBar2 (followed all install instructions) my LocationFu, cloak/helm toggle Fu, transparencyFu, SpacingFu ect ect no longer work. Update them and still no joy. I love thi...
File: RogueTracker05-09-06
Unlocking Rogue Tracker
Posted By: Soulbreaker
Great Mod first off ok! Now down to buisness, in Rogue Tracker when you unlock it you can only move the mini map buttons around the mini map. It would be much sweeter if, like Shard Tracker (on which this is based) you can place the buttons anywhere on the screen. On my Warlock I have the important mini map buttons next to the...