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File: SlimUI04-07-17
Posted By: Cick
After installing, the weakauras that show up under the target frame seem not quite right. Instead of circles, they're more like blocks with circle cutouts, and the spell icon inside is darker that what seems intended. It shows the same on other classes, when going through the unloaded modules. Anyone ever experience this and have a p...
File: The Ultimate Shaman UI 5.0.5 - 1920 x 1080 [16:9-WIDE]12-02-09
Posted By: Cick
I know this might be a silly question but is there another calendar button that isn't part of Squeenix? It seems while the UI is scaled down, the default calendar button is extraordinarily large.
File: Crystal UI (Aion: Tower of Eternity)07-05-09
Any way to make a 1024 x 768? I...
Posted By: Cick
Any way to make a 1024 x 768? I know it won't have much room left to the sides, but it's still super clean regardless. :D Doesn't have to be exactly that as long as it's the same general shape.