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Heya, Haleth. First of all, thanks for 3.0, it's great (as usual). A little question from the hunter. Since the pet happiness has been removed in 4.1, how could I fix the color of pet frame? Now it's white. Is it possible to make it a different color, hunter class color, for example? Best regards! /Chumbz
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Originally posted by MrBloa Hey,...
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Originally posted by MrBloa Hey, first of all thanks for this awesome UI, simply loving it. Since I'm quite new in configurating .lua files, I don't know exactly how to move unitframes. So could you tell me how to move them? Thanks in advance. You can move it in options.lua with Notepad or LUA-editor. Originally posted by...
File: FreeUI01-27-11
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Originally posted by Haleth @ Chumbz; This should work. Look for 'free:health' and change 'if unit=="target' to: if(unit=="target" or(unit and unit:find("boss%d"))) then Yep, it works, thanks a lot.
File: FreeUI01-26-11
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Haleth, could you add a "%" indicator on boss frames? It will be very useful on Twilight Ascendant Council or Conclave of Wind encounters.
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Heya, Haleth, thanks for great ui a...
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Heya, Haleth, thanks for great ui again. I have only one question. What's wrong with guild party/raid flag? It's above the buff bars. Any chance to fix it or better to hide it? Thanks. http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/909/buffz.th.png Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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Originally posted by Surgency I'v...
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Originally posted by Surgency I've looked around and cannot seem to find the answer so please don't shoot me. Where do I locate the stance or the shapeshift bar? :confused: As far as I know, there is no stance/shapeshift bar in this compilation.
File: FreeUI12-24-10
Font size.
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Hi there. Thanks for very nice UI. I have a little problem with incorrect font scaling in some elements of the UI. Such as: Tol Barad timer (too small), NPC's name (TOO BIG) on nameplates and CDs (too small). Here is a screenshot. Can anyone help me with this problem? Where can I fix it? http://b.imagehost.org/t/0351/WoW...