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File: Aloft05-13-10
Re: Threat Status Color descriptions wrong?
Posted By: Vardoc
I am having random problems with the colors not updating when threat status changes. This isn't quite the same problem that Mana82 is having. Most of the time the color changes like it's supposed to. Every now and then, I see the color for 'tanking securely' and someone else gets aggro on it and it's still that color. I haven't...
File: Aloft04-28-10
Re: #132 Crashes
Posted By: Vardoc
Originally posted by acapela with all borders disabled, i have not been able to produce a #132 crash. with any sort of border enabled (i have tried the "frame" border, by itself, and the health bar border, by itself), i am reliably able to produce #132 crashes. i am doing this by freeing the "Nerub'ar Victims" outside of Warsong...
File: Aloft Alpha04-17-10
Re: 132 Crashes
Posted By: Vardoc
I'm still getting 132 crashes as well. But it only happens infrequently on the average of once per session. I only have enemy name plates showing and do not have the overlapping option enabled. I had been using the ace2 version and simply installed ace3 over it. Should I delete the entire addon folder and install again? The .l...
File: Aloft Alpha04-06-10
Does this mean you will no longer s...
Posted By: Vardoc
Does this mean you will no longer support the Ace2 version? If you don't, I will assume those of us without ace3 that we will need to install it before running this new Ace3 version. Along those lines, will our configuration be carried over or must we completely uninstall the old Ace2 version of Aloft? I think Aloft is the onl...