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File: Panda01-04-11
Excellent addon. Question though:...
Posted By: Mykolas
Excellent addon. Question though: is there a way to mass-create inks from the resulting pigments? Panda seems to do one at a time, so I end up going into Skillet to 'create all'.
File: LilSparky's Workshop01-03-11
I don't understand the Tooltip that...
Posted By: Mykolas
I don't understand the Tooltip that says Auction(xx). For example, if I do a fresh Auctioneer scan and pull up Skillet, LilSparky shows me the crafting cost, the "auction value", and then in the tooltip of, say Glyph of Shockwave, it says Auction(11). What does the 11 signify? There are only 3 of that gylph on the AH. Furthe...
File: Quest Completist v0.9312-06-10
how do you stop the alert?
Posted By: Mykolas
I'm getting a lot of beeping from quest completist doing the icecrown dailies. How do I stop the alert sounds?
File: Quick Auctions 307-17-10
Sales History
Posted By: Mykolas
I've googled to see if QA3 keeps track of what sold, but it looks like it doesn't. Can anyone recommend an addon that tracks what sold? I disabled 'beancounter' from Auctioneer as it seemed to be hanging my client when I had 200+ items in my mailbox. edit: I should note that I love QA3 - I now use it for all my auctioning henc...