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File: Sage UnitFrames07-10-09
I dont get any errors and all the s...
Posted By: Tahnok
I dont get any errors and all the sage addons are enabled i just get the standard blizzard unit frames have tried it on 2 computers same thing. Have manually installed and used curseslient to install sage. Not sure at this point what to try.
File: Sage UnitFrames07-08-09
No Frames
Posted By: Tahnok
I have been trying to get suf to work the last couple days, but no mater what i try i can't get them to show up. The options menu is there but the frames themselves are not. I have tried loading them without any addons running but sage and still no luck. Also tried /run SageDB = nil; ReloadUI() idk if that would help my situation but...