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File: Clever Archaelogist!12-12-10
This would be an amazing addon if i...
Posted By: thantik
This would be an amazing addon if it could do something like gatherer/gathermate does, and whenever you survey, it placed a semi-transparent node into the minimap with concentric rings based on the color. Smallest ring would be green, middle yellow, largest red. That way you could survey, line yourself up, then move to the line...
File: Tidy Bar11-28-10
Once I'm not broke again; I'll try...
Posted By: thantik
Once I'm not broke again; I'll try and toss some money into that pledgie link on the front page. Thanks for all your work danl
File: Tidy Bar11-25-10
Bug report:
Posted By: thantik
If you put summon menus, portal menus, pet menus in the right-hand side bar, as you hover over the pop-out of those menus, it hides the popout and the right-hand side bar. You can still click on the (now invisible) icons, but just a heads up. You should be able to test this with a warlock, mage, or hunter of sufficient level...
File: Tidy Bar10-19-10
Yeah, I'll still be waiting for an...
Posted By: thantik
Yeah, I'll still be waiting for an update to TidyBar; primarily because MMB uses a bunch of ace dependencies that I really don't care for. TB is nice because it's 1 little package, no dependencies, no configuration, just drop and go. I appreciate all the work you've done on your mods dlt, I tell everyone about TidyPlates/TidyBar
File: Tidy Bar10-18-10
Here's a mod that's 99% similar:...
Posted By: thantik
Here's a mod that's 99% similar: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/minimainbar.aspx
File: Tidy Bar10-11-10
Looks like you won't have this read...
Posted By: thantik
Looks like you won't have this ready for the 4.0.1 release tomorrow then?
File: EventAlert06-26-10
Yeah, just looks like I'll have to...
Posted By: thantik
Yeah, just looks like I'll have to move over to Power Auras Classic then. Thanks for such a great mod, I used it for a couple months with much delight ;) -- I just figured missing 1-2 buffs would just be the negative of reacting to buffs that you procd Originally posted by CurtisTheGreat I've had requests for this in the past,...
File: EventAlert06-25-10
I loved this mod and had to swap to...
Posted By: thantik
I loved this mod and had to swap to ProcWatch when it went out of development so now having to come back to it, I'm now missing a feature of procwatch that I was able to do that EA can't. Could you add the ability to watch for your class-specific buffs as well and alert you to their missing? -- For example I play my warrior and it...
File: TradeFilter12-24-09
Here's another suggestion then, cou...
Posted By: thantik
Here's another suggestion then, could you make it so LFG style captures in the trade channel get redirected to LFG and DISPLAYED instead of just hidden in TF?
File: Tidy Bar08-07-09
Have time to fix the shaman totem b...
Posted By: thantik
Have time to fix the shaman totem bar bug yet? - I saw your reply from a couple days ago and figured an update would be out by now.
File: TradeFilter08-06-09
Posted By: thantik
Could we have seperate white/black lists per major channel? I'd just like a bit better control over what's let through and what's not. Also...the 'in bed' filter...currently blacklists anyone who links any gem with "inscribed" listed in the name. Might wanna redo the regex to be a little more specific by default. Also - if yo...
File: Tidy Plates07-09-09
Is there any way to change how the...
Posted By: thantik
Is there any way to change how the threat displays? - I'd like to know if I'm LOSING threat on a target. When I'm AoE tanking it doesn't seem to tell me if I'm losing threat, only tells me when I've *lost* it already...but that's already pretty obvious to me as a tank. Currently the way it displays is of value to DPS only.