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File: Lore of War10-15-10
At the current moment, there are ve...
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At the current moment, there are very few differences to it and Lore and Tongues. The Internal Testers are still working on the features, it's just that they're working on another project too. You can expect an upgrade in a few days. I didn't place any special features because there isn't really any special features yet.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames12-01-09
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thx for nice UF. i cant find the option to see default blizz buffs/defuffs where they originaly are..not under my frame...please help, thank you....:eek:
File: Ghost: Mount01-12-09
Is there a way to not summon a pet...
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Is there a way to not summon a pet upon dismount?
File: SilenceCooldown06-28-08
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Hey Friend, Thanks for the wonderful mod. A quick question, I wanted to scale the image smaller. I found that these lines work, however the text remains large. Any idea on how to make the font smaller aswell? SilenceCD.Icons:SetHeight(50) SilenceCD.Icons:SetWidth(50) Thanks again.