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File: SexyMap10-14-14
Posted By: antisocialian
thx for the update today, but i'm getting an error message about 'WatchFrame', i pasted the error here:
File: RealUI 810-19-11
I like to hide the self health&mana...
Posted By: antisocialian
I like to hide the self health&mana bar when i'm not in combat/healing/targeting but I find that it is still there and reacting to the mouse clicks (i.e. right clicking). Is there any way to disable this while its hidden or all the time?
File: RealUI 806-08-11
great addon!
Posted By: antisocialian
love the addon! any chance that the default for the autoloot setting could be on, and the default for the name could be quest? or have some way of changing this?
File: CLC DK03-03-11
hi just downloaded the addon, and i...
Posted By: antisocialian
hi just downloaded the addon, and i like it :) ty for this, i use the clcret for my ret pally and this helped me on the dk. I am wondering tho if there is a way to make the next spell show as soon as I've finished casting the previous. What it does now is it waits to show the next spell til after the GCD is finished, if it could s...
File: SimpleGold07-14-09
great addon
Posted By: antisocialian
this is a great addon to help me know where i am in saving up to a mount. One thing i'm wondering is there any way to get rid of the entry for an old & deleted character? i did find out where the variable is stored but it would be awesome if it was in the addon.