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File: Mono UI08-16-11
Continued problem with NugRunning
Posted By: Dannyll
I'm continuing to have problems with the timers that NugRunning maintains, above my player unit frame. The main problem is that the addon is not refreshing the timers on itself. For example, I wanted to track the Sniper Training buff on my hunter and added this line to config.lua in NugRunning/ directory: AddSpell( 64420 ,{ name =...
File: Mono UI08-12-11
Serpent Sting timer bugged
Posted By: Dannyll
Not sure if anyone else has noticed this but I just got my hunter to 81 and began to use cobra shot, which conveniently refreshes serpent sting's debuff timer. However, the timer above my player unit does not reflect this. I can see the debuff on the mob's debuff icons and it refreshes properly, but the timer bar above my player unit...
File: SLDataText04-01-10
Originally posted by bigvati If o...
Posted By: Dannyll
Originally posted by bigvati If one is not in any guild that runs in the chat all the time: You are not in any guild ... You are not in any guild ... You are not in any guild ... You are not in any guild ... I'm no lua expert but looked into it, as I've also been getting these messages, the issue is with the Guild module. I...
File: SLDataText04-01-10
Thanks from the community
Posted By: Dannyll
Many thanks to Shiadra (I assume it is you) for picking up this great addon. Been using it ever since I found it and it is just awesome :)
File: Rune-It-All07-26-09
Re: Rune Image Bug
Posted By: Dannyll
Thanks for clarifying. I have not received this issue before. It might be because I do not have the Blood Tab spell. Does it only occur with the Blood Tab spell? I'll see what I can do. Aye, as far as I could tell, it happens whenever a rune, any rune, is turned into a death rune. Using Blood Tap is the easiest way to activate one...
File: Rune-It-All07-24-09
Re: Re: Rune Image Bug
Posted By: Dannyll
Originally posted by Cralor I've tried to reproduce the issue but was unable to. Can you elaborate any further? Thanks. Sorry this took such a long time, been busy elsewhere in life. I downloaded the new version but the issue still seems to persist. To make sure, I removed any Runemover saved variables from my WTF folder but did...
File: Rune-It-All07-15-09
Rune Image Bug
Posted By: Dannyll
A very nice addon mate. Liked it way more than other rune track addons, but I noticed a strange phenomenon in some of the runes. I've set it up to a curved layout using the DKI runes for images. The problem is, when I begin to use the runes, when they refresh two of them always convert to the standard rune images. The position of the...