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Re: Re: Question?
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Originally posted by rcdyer1984 If you could post a screen shot, it would be really helpful. Also, what resolution are you using? Nevermind, I figured it out. When I first installed everything I must have turned off a few Add-ons and it must have been the ones I have been talking about. My UI looks the same as the pictures now,...
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I love using this Add-on, but only...
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I love using this Add-on, but only thing i would like to figure out is... 1. How can i put where my party/raid members are located at?? I looked everywhere, and i can not find this, this little thing is bugging me, i want to know where my party/raid members are! 2. in Strands of the Ancients, hoving over the walls won't show th...
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First, I want to tell you that your UI is so awesome and slick! well, I did everything that was to do, but only one thing i am missing, I see lines on the HealingUI on the bottom that go around the action bars in your pictures, but when i set up mine, I have no lines like that at all, I think the lines at the bottom make it look s...