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Originally posted by danltiger A...
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Originally posted by danltiger A couple people have reported that the client becomes unresponsive when they encounter a loading screen (after login). You're the first to report a crash, though. I haven't tested on a shaman for many moons, which I should probably do. I have not been able to duplicate the load-screen issues, mysel...
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Is anyone else having crashes? All...
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Is anyone else having crashes? All my crash have been with my Shaman. My priest is fine so I think it has something to do with the Totem bar. I'll be honest I havn't read all the posts, there is a lot of them :) Anyway...is this a common problem?
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I really love these frames, GREAT J...
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I really love these frames, GREAT JOB! I have a noob question. Is there an ingame configuration option, if so how do i open it?