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File: Reputation Bars04-02-18
Re: Filter options
Posted By: PontusM
Hey there! This addon fits the bill for exactly what I'm looking for, with one exception - the filtering. I saw another comment asking for per expansion filtering or the option to turn the filtering off, would that be possible? I'd love to set my own order or just have it listed per expansion, or maybe even give us a blank bar t...
File: Reputation Bars08-21-17
Re: Reputation Past Exalted (Cap)
Posted By: PontusM
I've noticed that not all of the bars for this mod, particularly the main rep bar, register gains past Exalted. I was wondering if there is something I'm missing in the config options or if this is something that you have just not been able to address as of yet. Thanks for this mod, much appreciation. Yes, I'm afraid this is not...
File: Reputation Bars04-29-17
Hello again, I was wondering if...
Posted By: PontusM
Hello again, I was wondering if it could be implemented or not. I saw in the static bars module that the factions could be sorted A-Z or Z-A and 2 other ways that I don't remember at the moment. Would it be possible to have them sorted by expansion too. If you look at the images in my previous posts, you could see that I stil...
File: Reputation Bars04-13-17
About the paragon rep... The rep...
Posted By: PontusM
About the paragon rep... The rep keeps adding after reaching 10,000 instead of resetting to 0 and the bar itself remains full instead of resetting too ? Normal behavior ?? Woops, thanks for reporting this. I will look into it! Haven't been playing that much lately so I didn't notice it was bugged.
File: Reputation Bars10-26-16
Thanks for all the suggestions. I c...
Posted By: PontusM
Thanks for all the suggestions. I can't promise I'll implement it all but maybe someday you get lucky :)
File: Reputation Bars10-16-16
Feature request: Staticbars - hidd...
Posted By: PontusM
Feature request: Staticbars - hidden by tefault, show only on mouseover Cool addon, keep it up! Ok, I'll add it to my list.
File: Reputation Bars09-21-16
Great mod, but could you please add...
Posted By: PontusM
Great mod, but could you please add the option to sort Z-A as well for both by rep and by name? As when you grow it upwards I would like it the other way around. I have modded it myself now to be opposite of yours, but it would be much easier with updates to just have the option for both. Good idea, I'll add that.
File: Reputation Bars07-24-16
Re: Error
Posted By: PontusM
Date: 2016-07-21 12:56:50 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\ReputationBars\Modules\WatchBar.lua line 303: attempt to index global 'ReputationWatchStatusBar' (a nil value) Debug: ReputationBars\Modules\WatchBar.lua:303: ApplySettings() ReputationBars\Modules\WatchBar.lua:262: InitializeBar()...
File: Reputation Bars07-31-15
Re: StaticBars Settings
Posted By: PontusM
I have maxed rep with a faction, and then moved to inactive. However in the interface settings of this addon (StaticBars settings), there are too many inactive factions for one view and the addon doesn't seem to have any scrollbar implementation for this view. If devs see this could it be added please! Ok I'll look into this...
File: Reputation Bars04-11-15
Re: Is there an option to show bar as amount to exalted?
Posted By: PontusM
Is there an option (or the possibility to add one) that allows the bars to show the full percentage to exalted, instead of just the percentage to the next rep level? THANKS! Sorry you can't do that now, but I'll add it to my todo list. :)
File: Reputation Bars11-06-14
Re: Not showing all rep
Posted By: PontusM
I cant seem to get this add-on to show rep for hord factions like Orgrammar, undercity, Thunder-bluff etc. Can you see them listed in the Blizzard reputation UI?
File: Reputation Bars10-31-14
The new section to select Faction f...
Posted By: PontusM
The new section to select Faction for the StaticBar is great but there is a small issue with it. The Tillers and The Anglers faction in Mist of Pandaria are currently untrackable on the StaticBars because they now show as a group to select the different people to be friend. Ah, thanks for reporting this. I will fix it in the next...
File: Reputation Bars09-06-14
Hi all! I just released a small upd...
Posted By: PontusM
Hi all! I just released a small update to fix some minor errors and fix some annoyances that I had. Just wanted to stop by and let you know I'm playing again and will update the addon for WoD. Stay tuned! :)
File: Reputation Bars10-01-12
Re: Rep Bars Update <3
Posted By: PontusM
Hi there Kilbourne and Co, as far as i can tell this addon is in need of a proper update, feel free to correct me if im wrong / making outdated/uneducated assumptions. I remember using this a while back and absolutely loved it so id be really excited to see this mod brought to life again :) Yeah sorry I'm not currently playing Wo...
File: Reputation Bars08-01-12
Re: MoP Tillers bars.
Posted By: PontusM
I'm using the current version in the beta and wanted to point out that under The Tillers rep there are the individual farmers, and their rep has a different scale then the normal fraction rep. Was thinking that it might even be worth it to have a new set of bars just for them. Sounds like a good suggestion. I'm not playing the bet...
File: Reputation Bars12-04-11
Re: Embedded Lib
Posted By: PontusM
Hi :) Neither this nor the curse version seem to have picked up the latest LibBars-1.0 version that fixes the 4.3 division by zero errors. Ok, I did some testing but didn't experience any issues so I thought all was ok. Thanks for pointing this out! I'll update asap. :)
File: Reputation Bars09-19-11
Re: No Wyrmrest Accord
Posted By: PontusM
Originally posted by M3th0s Seems I am not able to track this specific rep, even though it shows under my list of reputations. Any idea why? Apart from that, really nice addon, well done:D Thanks! Hmm, not sure why that is. It shows up in my list. Can you post a screenshot perhaps?
File: Reputation Bars08-06-11
Re: Static Bars Issue
Posted By: PontusM
Originally posted by Malkavier No reps show up under the Static Bars settings - this happened after I left a guild. I opened up the options and double-checked - the entire area where the reps to select from are gone, and have not come back with a re-install. No idea why this is. Hmm, weird. I'll have to test this and see if...
File: Reputation Bars08-02-11
I'm happy to announce that the sour...
Posted By: PontusM
I'm happy to announce that the source for this addon is now on GitHub. Feel free to fork it if you want to contribute! https://github.com/pontusm/ReputationBars
File: Reputation Bars07-10-11
Oops, yes I screwed up the new tran...
Posted By: PontusM
Oops, yes I screwed up the new translations. Found the error. New version coming up.
File: Reputation Bars07-09-11
Originally posted by Drokk Date:...
Posted By: PontusM
Originally posted by Drokk Date: 2011-07-09 22:20:08 ID: 2 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\ReputationBars\Locales\zhTW.lua line 4: attempt to index local 'L' (a nil value) Debug: : ? ReputationBars\Locales\zhTW.lua:4: in main chunk Ok, I can't seem to reproduce that error myself. Is anyone...
File: Reputation Bars07-09-11
Originally posted by Dridzt What...
Posted By: PontusM
Originally posted by Dridzt What a mess that guild rep detection code is .. :p Thanks for the feedback Dridzt! That worked like a charm. I already tested it, and will release a new version soon.
File: Reputation Bars06-29-11
A new version is coming up as soon...
Posted By: PontusM
A new version is coming up as soon as I have tested it a bit more. Probably this weekend. I haven't been playing actively lately so I'm finding it a bit hard to motivate myself to work on it...
File: Reputation Bars04-07-11
Originally posted by shane3547 I...
Posted By: PontusM
Originally posted by shane3547 I wonder, is it possible to make a options for this to show the Rep gained per sessions? It already shows the rep gained per session. If you kill a mob worth 100 xp it says +100. If you kill another worth 100 xp it shows +200...
File: Reputation Bars03-17-11
Originally posted by tinyu would...
Posted By: PontusM
Originally posted by tinyu would you be able to have a option to setup this up for the XP bar aswell as the Rep bar be uber sweet or if there is a mod that already does this i <3 the shared media option and want to skin my Xp bar. Yes, this would be a great feature. You're not the first one to ask for it so I have it on my list...