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File: Gumpsterface for Btex ver 401-02-10
Re: Action bar
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Originally posted by Filtiarn I've looked for hours. Been trying to find an addon that allows me to make the action bars not buttons into a circle, sphere, anything that allows them in a circle motion. I used every addon that's available in wowinterface, wowmatrix, and curse ones I did find where out of date if you know which addon...
File: Gumpsterface for Btex ver 412-11-09
Another Combo interface otw
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The latest one is heavy on use of Bartender, but this new one will allow for the Main bar to be bartender and the rest of the bars to be Macaroon bars. Or you can just skip bartender all together.
File: Circle Cast07-27-09
has serious potential, but...
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Im writing UI suites, and in my next version I plan to go with a circular theme, but to make it work i need to be able to resize and move it, and skin the hell out of it, if you ever add this support, circle cast would be a very nice addition to any UI, would work wonders for UI developers
File: Gumpsterface for Btex ver 407-23-09
the blue and purple versions coming...
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the blue and purple versions coming with next update (today i guess) then a minimap centered version later in the week, then a complete UI with addons once I get all the stuff packaged up, I need to work with Tigi on this one, so the /bx menu will show my artwork in the load screen options panel. BTW shout out to Tigi, Btex finally...