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Originally posted by Sargeant Furor (Druid talent -- grants 10 rage or 40 energy on shift to bear/cat form) is probably causing you to go into combat. Nope Only bear I'm sure of it When I go into cat form nothing happened & I useto use cat form Alot but with this Healer shortage I'm fully Restor now
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Re: Re: Another small problem
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Originally posted by Morricone Interesting, I'll have to test that. Currently I detect we go into battle whenever you stop regenerating health at the normal rate (i.e. when you can no longer eat/drink). Maybe druids lost regen when they enrage... Thanks for the report! oops my bad I forgot to read it all Enraging causes the...
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Soundtrack is nice but...
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it can't tell from a boss mob from a elite mob plays the same music for each. hopeful u can fix that... everything else works just fine :cool: