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File: Titan Panel [Itemized Deductions]11-04-10
Narrowed down my issue.
Posted By: TomasDR
If there is a grey item in the default Backpack the addon works. It will only list the items in the Backpack but it will sell all your greys to the vendor when you choose "Sell all..." I even tried other bag types without success.
File: Titan Panel [Itemized Deductions]10-24-10
There seems to be much inconsistenc...
Posted By: TomasDR
There seems to be much inconsistency with WoW 4.0.1 & ItemDed 4.0.12. Sometimes it works fine and I can sell the items, other times it reports nothing to sell eventhough I have greys in my bag. I cannot find a pattern. Most of the time it will work when starting the game (90% of the time) and having a grey item(s) in my bags but a...