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File: _NPCScan.Overlay11-19-12
heya i love this add-on but i'm...
Posted By: Collossuss
heya i love this add-on but i'm having some trouble with it; clearing the cache is always a burden and if i turn on the always show all the spawn points option it shows me Alani and th Sha of Anger making 2 zones look like fruitcakes; is there an option to delete those 2 NPCs from showing ?
File: SquawkAndAwe07-23-09
Owlkin Frenzy
Posted By: Collossuss
hey there and thank you for suck a nice add-on. I recently speced Owlkin Frenzy and i was thinking that with the changes to come in patch 3.2 may of my feathered friends will do the same (trust me 2 points in there and the thing procs like omen does :)). Are there any plans for such a bar ? and if so it may be on the procs bar wit...