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File: whoa UnitFrames07-13-10
Simple Health
Posted By: Dawnspire
Hi there, great addon, simply brilliant but: Can you add a function (or post the code here, what and where to replace) to show simple health like blizzard UF does ? What i mean is: Let's say my target has 136.569 HP I want the addon to show 136.5k instead:rolleyes:, that'd be wondeful, ty. Cheers!
File: Combuctor09-25-09
Posted By: Dawnspire
Hi there, Is there any way to lock the Combuctor's frame ? (Also to hide the resize thing in the corner and the hover effect for text and icon if possibile. I want to get a closer-to-Blizzard's Unit Frame look...) Any line(s) i can add into a file or something ? (If yes please explain how to ... i don't know any coding/coding...