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File: Quest Completist v0.9312-22-10
Originally posted by ViduusEU If...
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Originally posted by ViduusEU If it ends up being too spammy i will disable it again =) I personally find it a bit too spammy, on my paladin I basically get the same message twice on every quest I turn in. An option to disable it would be very nice.
File: Examiner08-09-09
Thank you so much for updating Exam...
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Thank you so much for updating Examiner, its such a sweet addon! :) Cheers!! ^^
File: BindPad - GUI to set keybindings for spell/item/macro12-15-07
Great Addon
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Gotta agree - one of the best addons to date imo. Thanks and keep up the good work!
File: SpamSentry05-01-07
Posted By: Grein
Excellent mod and highly recommended until Blizzy themselves adds this or something similar in their "default" WoW. Thanks for your hard work Anea :)
File: Sage UnitFrames12-24-06
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Glad to see Sage "back in action" :) The only thing I'm missing is the dynamic width of the unit frames :( Keep up the good work!!
File: Bagnon05-25-06
Quality borders
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Any chance of getting an option where you can turn on/off the quality borders? Keep up the good work :)
File: Wardrobe-AL05-23-06
Posted By: Grein
This is such a nice addon! Any plans on making a FuBar plugin for it as well?