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File: oUF Abu08-16-14
Alright, i've added profiles! I'll...
Posted By: Mandraxon
Alright, i've added profiles! I'll just check it for bugs before i upload the new one. Syxx: Was a wierd bug with the combatfeedback-text module. I've fixed it:p Mandraxon: Thanks. I can do the first 2 requests but will probably not add aura bars. TheGreatDuke: That's wierd, getting any errors? Have you tried disabling ev...
File: oUF Abu08-15-14
Hide Buffs on target frame.
Posted By: Mandraxon
Hej dude. Love the work you done on these. fantastic look, and great tweaking options.. Beats the blizzard Units any day. One thing i would like is to be able to hide Buffs on target frame (not de-buffs). I cant seam to find the option. another small thing. I would like to be able to move target caster bar higher then the...
File: Allez UI11-14-12
Hey. I havent messed with UI sin...
Posted By: Mandraxon
Hey. I havent messed with UI since vanila.. Never felt there was any good after Nurfed UI died. Now i found your UI and i even had to log in to just give my Thumbs up. Great work Easy to setup... a small quetsion. Is there anyway to hide the config button when the ui is set up to my liking.. ANY ways.. Thanks for shar...
File: oUF_Deith02-03-10
Hey dude.. I realy love this layout...
Posted By: Mandraxon
Hey dude.. I realy love this layout.. my onley issue is the collor of the health and castbars.. how do i change the collours for the health and castbar? Keep it up // Troax
File: oUF_Deith07-29-09
change colours?
Posted By: Mandraxon
First of i have to say this is probably the best units iv tested. since the combination of castbar is well placed and it makes the units awsome. I just wana know.. how do i make change´s on Unit colours so they show unit HP colour so it goes from Green to read ? ? and how do i change castbar colour.. Keep it up // M