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File: Qulight UI11-24-10
the Feral Druid combo bar/points st...
Posted By: dnt09
the Feral Druid combo bar/points stopped working after 3.2.2. Hopefully, you get that fixed. Thanks.
File: Qulight UI10-30-10
liking the new look but I seem to b...
Posted By: dnt09
liking the new look but I seem to be having a problem with the raidframes. They are displaying 2 columns of white transparent backgrounds beside eveyone. For example, instead of a 5 man dungeon group, it shows 15 spots
File: Qulight UI10-19-10
Posted By: dnt09
It's extremely graphical right now, you moved away from the minimilistic design you had on the previous which in my opinion was better. Either way, I'm having the same problem that the others are having with the timers and I'm level 80 too.
File: Qulight UI10-13-10
Unitframes are not working?
Posted By: dnt09
Im having a problem with my unitframes not working. Everything is where it's suppose to be and checked off in the addon selection screen but it just doesn't work when I enter the game. EDIT: It looks like it doesn't work for the only class that I want to play (warlock) but works for every other class.
File: Qulight UI10-03-10
fps drop
Posted By: dnt09
hey, for some reason this update completely destroys my fps but only during boss fights. I used to play with around 25-40 fps, now I'm at 5 fps. Anyone else have this issue?
File: Qulight UI09-24-10
thanks for the quick update. I w...
Posted By: dnt09
thanks for the quick update. I was wondering what the line in the code is to move the raidframes somewhere more suitable for healing? I looked in the freeb lua's but its hard to find it.
File: Qulight UI09-21-10
Totem Bar!
Posted By: dnt09
Hey, just installed the new update. I noticed 2 problems while playing my shaman that you may want to consider for the future. The Totem Bar is overlapping action bar 1 covering most of the 4-9 buttons. and the totem cooldown tracker is just a tad short on the left side. http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/4888/wowscrnshot0...
File: Qulight UI07-28-10
Damage Combat Text Problem
Posted By: dnt09
Hi, I am not able to see my output damage as displayed in your screenshots. Default Blizzard combat text damage works when I have it enabled but nothing shows up when I have it disabled. However, Incoming damage/heals all work as shown in your screenshots.