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File: LUI v306-17-10
One stupid Q How do i enable 3rb...
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One stupid Q How do i enable 3rb spell barr like. Mean, i hawe left, tight ones and 2 rows of midle for spells. I need 3rd one if is posible to auto set him, or somehow i need manual mowe him and mowe all other things
File: LUI v312-09-09
Got one Q! That castbar. When i mo...
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Got one Q! That castbar. When i mounting, puting poison or some chaneling thing... How to 100% remowe/disable it?
File: ag_UnitFrames08-21-09
Whne we well can download not out o...
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Whne we well can download not out of date. in av i got this error: Message: ...dOns\ag_UnitFrames\modules\combattext\combattext.lua:174: Usage: aUFFontString313:SetFont("font", fontHeight ) Time: 08/21/09 20:23:29 Count: 16 Stack: :18: in function <:4> (tail call): ? : ? : in function `SetFont' ...dOns\ag_UnitFrame...
File: rBottomBarStyler08-20-09
Originally posted by Noobcakes I'...
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Originally posted by Noobcakes I'm wondering how you remove the default bar that blizzard gave us that keeps showing up where this addon appears to be at. :confused: How u did disable default ui. My looks like this http://img11.imageshack.us/i/wowscrnshot082109041751.jpg/ PLS help
File: rBottomBarStyler08-20-09
I download just rBottomBarStyler (D...
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I download just rBottomBarStyler (Diablo) Just tell me how do i disable standard blizzard UI. My UI with rBottomBarStyler (Diablo) looks like this: http://img11.imageshack.us/i/wowscrnshot082109041751.jpg/
File: Roth UI (Diablo)08-20-09
Hello there. Im wery happy with u...
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Hello there. Im wery happy with u ui. Using it and is cool. Just im lost in /commands Just one thing. Im rogue. how to mowe/drag standard stelath button ?
File: Crystal UI (Aion: Tower of Eternity)07-30-09
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Hello there. First i rly like u ui but i hawe some ? to ask. Im rogue, and when i go in stelath mi bar where is numbers 1-9 gone and i dont know how to add new one what i can use only in stelath. Can u help me in that ? In same Q i neet this. Bar with number 1 to 9 is ok. on top of him is 2nd one. how i can add one more so i...