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File: rBottomBarStyler04-09-10
Rage Glitch
Posted By: Kerghan
Nice mod but there is a very small glitch with rage where it doesn't always go down to 0 on the orb. Sometimes it stays at 1 or 2.
File: Aloft08-04-09
Much thanks to acapela for the quic...
Posted By: Kerghan
Much thanks to acapela for the quick response to my earlier post, and for the quick update for 3.2
File: Aloft07-30-09
Hiding Pets?
Posted By: Kerghan
It would be great if functionality could be added to hide/disable pet bars for both friendly and hostile player's pets, maybe even your own pet too. There are many situations in both PvP and PvE in which seeing enemy pet bars is unnecessary, adding to the clutter on your screen and making it harder to target actual players. Just a...