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I am continually having a problem w...
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I am continually having a problem with clicking on the panels. I raid in a 10M, and when I click the bottom 1/4 of the top row, I am actually clicking the played directly below them. This makes it very difficult to heal because sometimes I heal the wrong person. Is there any fix for this? How are you sorting players in your frames...
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I would like to mention that in 5.2...
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I would like to mention that in 5.2 Dark Intent will also provide Stamina (Such as Power Word: Fortitude) as well as Spellpower Blood Pact (from imps) will be removed
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Buff Wacth
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This should contain everything you need I would think. http://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/513-mists-of-pandaria-raid-buffs-and-debuffs-patch-504/ Edit: This as well: http://raidcomp.mmo-champion.com/
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Buff watch
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I use the coloring option in the vuhdo buff watch. It seems that vuhdo does not know that other buffs can overwrite some buffs that I give. A prime example is Blessing of Might on my paladin. When I have a shaman or a hunter in my group that gives the buff, they sometimes overwrite each other and the shaman/hunter buff persists...