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File: MUI Gen1 - Discontinued!08-02-11
Re: Re: /reflux switch not working
Posted By: Cmm
Originally posted by infernoxv8 Its because its not dps_Ires. Its an L, not a I. Sorry about that, I should of made it much more clear. Bad instructions. It stands for Low resolution. try /reflux switch dps_Lres but without the caps lock so it looks like dps_lres. Thanks again for letting me know, I had to change the reflux com...
File: MUI Gen1 - Discontinued!08-01-11
/reflux switch not working
Posted By: Cmm
Yo! First off, thanks for the UI compilation, awsome UI! Before you updated I had some problems with grid and some other stuff but thats all taken care of in your update apperently. Now I have just 1 single problem, and that is the reflux switch part. When I typ /reflux switch dps_Ires (this is incase I have the healing U...
File: Kynz UI06-19-11
A small issue.
Posted By: Cmm
Hey there. I have a question, possibly a easy one to answer, but I'm just clueless here. When I try to logg in, there are like 5 different wow attachements and I cant logg in. How do I remove thoose attachements? Or how do I add a new one? First time encountering this problem so Im not sure how to proceed. Thanks for the h...
File: Bati's UI03-30-11
Posted By: Cmm
Well it might just be me, but I cant find any way to enter the Calander, tried all the binds and shit, but I just cant find it. If someone knows how and what to do I would appriciate the help alot! Thanks in advance. Regards, Cmm
File: BadGirl UI02-09-11
Gogo :)
Posted By: Cmm
Originally posted by ncbadgirl Forgot to place the unit frames in right place..new 6.5b will be in correct place. Sorry aobut that. Just about to write you about that problem. Party and raid frames arent in the correct position as in your shots. I tried with /suf didnt work til I finnaly found /omf but that was just to move t...
File: Namkung UI12-23-09
Re: Re: Just a slight issue.
Posted By: Cmm
Originally posted by Namkung Hi there! For the first problem of not being able to see stats upgrade, I am not too sure. The addon is certainly still there and is called "RatingBuster". Try downloading the following and extracting it in your Addons folder. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info5819-RatingBuster.html Now fo...
File: Namkung UI12-23-09
Just a slight issue.
Posted By: Cmm
Great UI Namkung, been using it for a while and totally hooked... but. You know when you hoover over an item, it should display "stats changes" if you change to that specifik item your are hoovering over. Well this new update doesent have it, it makes things alot easier with it, how can I fix that, or even better, do you know any...